Church Marketing ideas have flourished over the past two years, yet many pastors are faced with frustration in moving to the next level of social ministry; help is here with this FREE webinar offered by, Glenda Boone, best selling author of The Church is Leaving the Building!

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How Do You Use the Web to...

Evangelize & Outreach
Retain Congregation

Creating a Hybrid Church Ministry

Minister to eChurch Members
Create Steady Cash Flow opportunties

Faith-Based Copywriting

Recent events have created a need for spiritual support more than ever!
NOW is truly the time to

Go Ye & preach the Gospel
even virtually!

Learn how to use online resources to invite &
retain new members
to your congregation! 
Many believers are in flux, stressed & suffering
intense emotional pressure!

Worse of all, they are isolated

unable to fellowship!

Church Leadership must learn a "NEW" way to minister to thousands searching for help on the internet!

Many Pastors have learned during COVID-19 how to ask & receive the help your ministry requires using social platforms

But did you know there are several ways to add multiple streams of income using your online worship services?

Fosters the relationship necessary
to get support for your ministry
Connect online with
your congregation before something or someone
less worthy
grabs their attention

without giving them desperately needed
spirtual guidance!


Online Activity Design


"...[I Had Designed]
an eChurch Ministry Plan
for Church Leaders" 

“In 2018, I authored a book entitled
The Church is Leaving the Building, little did I know that it would become an emergency plan to help pastors minister online in a time of a global health crisis.”


"Online Success is Not About Promoting - It's About
PROVING Your Ministry
Makes a Difference."

“Online Relationships Require
Expertise in Design & Sincerity in Execution

I Optimize Online Marketing Campaigns for
Faith-Based Online Communities"

"Connect to the Heart of Your Audience
Because it's the Only Way to Help Them & the
Only Way to Inspire their
Financial Support & Participation


Virtual Church Can Never
Take the Place of Traditional Fellowship...

But this is an opportunity for
God to show up in new ways &
usher a victory in new territory!

Consider that the Holy Spirit
is a Spirit for a reason!
It's felt in full assembly or
 in the soul of single person alone in a room.

Overcome frustration & uncertainty &
master your ability to adapt!

Like Genesis 50:20
God takes what is meant for evil &
makes it into something good!
Now What?
Learn HOW to Get the Revenue You Need to Protect Your Ministry

Quarantine Can be Repurposed to Use the Internet to
Master Ministry &

Learn to Grow and Retain Your eChurch

You have Several Options!

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Get an Express Overview of All You Need to Grow  a Virtual Church campus!  Learn About FREE Platforms & 3 Reasons Most Ministries Fail to Motivate Online Congregations to Give TIME OR MONEY!

Get access to "No Fluff" In-Depth Training & Guidance with Glenda's paid subscriber How To videos located within her YouTube Channel and join her every Monday at 11: 00 a.m on her YouTube Channel where she will answer any question you have 

 I will Personally Assess Your Online Performance, Correct the Problem Areas that cuse Audience Confusion or Lack of Engagement. Get Help Writing Effective Copy and Scripts for Social Media Posts, Create Better Videos, eBooks & All You Need to Help Your Ministry.

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The Online Guessing Game is Hit or Miss

M O S T L Y  M I S S

Online rules are COUNTER-INTUITIVE &
eChurch is Highly Sensitive to
Basic Online Etiquette & eCulture

The eChurch Learning Curve is Rough

Especially for Church Leaders That
are Not Techy or Up on Trends

By the Time You Realize You are Creating:

...You Can Lose Some of Your Congregation to other Online Distractions or Other Ministries

Let Us Train You to

Serve Online Congregations Effectively

We Are Awesome At Our Work

We Offer Field-Tested Expertise That's Netted New Audiences for Our Clients & Helped Clients Master Faith Based Initiatives ONLINE. We Have MEASURABLE RESULTS!

Increase in Attendance
Revenue Increase from a $1500 Budget

Quarter of a Million $


10+ Years

Experience in Marketing
& Online Marketing

Our Clients Say

The Gathering Baptist Church 
Market America
New Psalmist Baptist Church
Bishop Walter S. Thomas

"Glenda's expertise in the fields of church marketing and event production is superb. Glenda has worked on several marketing projects and events with New Psalmist Baptist Church over the years, and I find that Glenda Boone not only does a great job of delivering what she promises,  but her followup is also exceptional.  Our team has no problem calling on Glenda Boone, as the need arises! "

Michele Molinaro

"Glenda Boone is a
Trainer's Trainer!
Her ability to capture one's attention span is amazing.  Her willingness to help others no matter what their situation is heartfelt. I have never witnessed Glenda turn anyone away if she can't help them, she will find someone who can.  Glenda Boone is a real leader! "

Shanan E. Jones, Pastor

"As former Executive Pastor of  Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church and Founding Pastor of  The Gathering Baptist Church, , I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Glenda Boone on several projects.  She is a marketing and creative genius, and the passion she places on all of her projects are commendable, to say the least."

Who's Going to Help your Congregation?

Glenda, she Makes It Happen!

Please Be Prepared to Discuss Ministry Goals:
  • Membership Numbers
  • Member Needs Related to the Corona Crisis
  • Financial Needs (Donation/Fundraising Goals)
  • Staff & Volunteer Deficiencies
  • Pressing Concerns

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